We’ve already reached the mid-10’s and people’s approach to skateboarding has totally changed compared to the past decades.

From what used to be a way of life for social misfits, it’s come to a point of being considered as a “21st Century sport” , “business opportunity” or “marketing influential”. Proof of that, it’s quite possible entrance to the Tokyo Olympics on 2020.

As for the result? Extravaganza contests broadcasting live on ESPN, pros pictured on cereal boxes, turned to models by fashion houses, rappers turned to skaters and vice-versa, insane video parts uploaded on YouTube every two hours (when we were waiting 3 years for Flip’s Sorry) and things getting wilder two weeks before the SOTY nomination,  more and more sportswear labels involving in skateboarding, Rob Dyrdek and anything else that keeps the spirit of the “sport” getting fat…

Celebrating the 5 years since we were founded, we couldn’t run our first-ever skate event as an ordinary competition.
It had to be different, it had to be us. Completely opposite to the rules. Not to step the skill level up, but to raise the spirit, the mentality, the community. Not a contest, but an anti-contest! With one basic and unbreakable rule: to have FUN!

Deckathlon was a series of challenges similar to some of the all-time classic Olympic sports, simulated on four wheels.
Taking place in Village Center’s underground garage in Faliro, under the hood of Falirofornia Levels party, the scenery was what describes an Athens Rats’ event best: raw and dirty. With loads of positive vibes by everyone participating, good music and booze served by Boogaloo Cocktail Bar, it was a gathering everyone wanted it to repeat.

We’d like to give a HUGE big-up to Monster Energy for the support. Without them, Deckathlon would never happen.
Also many thanks to Vans for once again being the only footwear company that stands next to skateboarding in this very country.

Photo: Ronny Skvs
Video: GNP Productions
Soundtrack: 1000mods – Low




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