Lover Skateboards Launch at MOC


Just like life, the skateboarding scene is a circle in which there comes a time the older generation has to pass the torch to the new one.
There has been quite a time that the Greek skateboarding scene was lack of activity, since the regional industry lost
its extravaganza of the mid-00’s era. An era in which many traders non related with skateboarding abused it in favor of the profit.
Nowadays most of them are already a part of the past leaving ashes behind and causing decadence to the sport (so-called).
Apart from a few factors, like Color Skates or Fifty-Fifty, I cannot remember others trying to keep the fire on.

Two years ago, we brought Death Cruisers to the market, a quality piece of wood in a low-price budget and we
ultimately cut down imported deck companies so that we could strengthen the local scene.

On July 18th Ministry Of Concrete welcomed Lover Skateboards, the new skateboarding brand
founded by my brothers Giorgio Armani Zavos and Giorgos Papadimitriou.

Being friends with Giorgio for almost 12 years and with Giorgos since he first came to Athens,
I was so excited when I first heard of them planning to begin a skateboard company.

Both are very talented and so fuckin deep into skateboarding, it would seriously be
a sin for me to the God of Skateboarding not to support this very milestone in the
history of Greek skateboarding.

And what a name? Lover! Pure genius…

A few days after the decks arrived in Athens (worth to mention that just like Death Cruisers, Lover skateboards
are constructed in the EU, proudly supporting the European industry, we made this secret gig among good friends
that already got to know the big news.
Good vibe, nice music, a few beers and Giorgio ollieing above the yellow rail outside MOC!

Prepare yourselves about many big big things MOC and Lover are about to bring to you soon.

Support your local shit.
Peace & Lover…

P.S.: A huge thanks to our dawger, Evan Maragkoudakis for the analog photos captured
on expired filmed (by accident we’ve gone beyond hipsterism, but it’s OK with us 😛 ).

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