You’ve been asking for this way too long…

Ministry Of Concrete is celebrating its 10 years of Athenian street culture and it’s bringing you the best offer you could possibly have ever had…

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time in history, a Greek street store presents you…THE MYSTERY BOX!!!

Mystery box is a type of offer in which the shop ships a package of random products from its inventory for a certain price.
The customers know only what type of products they will receive or don’t even know at all.

It’s a very common kind of offer that’s mostly seen by global street manufacturers.

  • If you think that for 3 t-shirts you would pay an average of 140€, while for the Tiny Mystery Box, you would pay only 49.90€, then Definitely YES! You know the math, don’t you?

No, unfortunately not. This is obviously the reason we run this offer and it’s what makes it a fair deal for both sides. You decide how much money you want to spend for having goods from our store way down their wholesale cost, but we decide what we will ship, reducing our time of service and cost of storage. It’s a win-win…

You can choose within three choices we’ve made.

  1. The Tiny Mystery Box is all about t-shirts and costs 49.90€ !!!
  2. The Standard Mystery Box is all about t-shirts, crewnecks and hoodies and costs 99.90€ !!!
  3. The HUGE Mystery Box is all about everything, meaning t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, beanies, caps and bags. Fully packed for 149.90€ !!!

You can check them all below:

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